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Raising a Hand


What if I don't know what an exercise is that is listed in one of the workouts ?

This site is still under construction.  I will be posting an exercise video library in the near future.  In the meantime, you should be able to find all exercises through Youtube.  If you still cannot find it, email me and I will assist. 

Are there refunds?

Unfortunately at this time I do not offer any refunds once payment has been accepted.  

How do I contact you for Q & A's?

How often do you check your email or how long does it take to receive a response?

If you are part of the Advanced Program, email me and we will set up a time and a platform; Zoom or phone call.  If you are part of the Basic Program, email me your questions and I will respond at the earliest convenience.  If I find people are asking the same questions I will post them in this section.  

I check my email as often as possible.  My heart is in this project and want everyone to be successful in their journey.  However, I do work a full time job and often get called out on rest days and can be gone for multiple days in areas with no cell coverage.  If it takes a few days for a response, I apologize, your email will be answered ASAP.  

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